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  • Pls note our telephone and email Tel - 022-27450109 Tel - 022-27451318 Mob - 09768770865 Mob - 0      more>>
  • Announcing LICOS (LNG) Membrane Simulator course soon at SMA      more>>
  • We also conduct 1. RT-FLEX Familiarization course - 1 day 2. ME Engine Familiarization course- 1day and 3.      more>>
  • Shifted to a new premises pls note Our New Address Swayam Maritime Academy Office No. 10 & 11, Vedanta C      more>>
  • Now we are conducting Manufacturer Approved ECDIS Course Following are the type Specific ECDIS courses avail      more>>
  • Swayam Maritime Academy We are conducting BRM and ERM (MRM), 4 days course approved by MPA, Singapore and All      more>>
  • We are conducting large ship handling course in weekly basis.      more>>





Our Academy:-


Swayam Maritime Academy, Panvel came into being from 1st August, 2009. It offers various value added courses like ECDIS 5 days Course , BTM, BRM Risk Assessment, Incident Investigation, Ship board Safety Officer Course, VOC Emission Control , Large Ship Handling , Framo Pump, H.U.E.T, Helicopter to ship operation, ISM Code , ISPS Code, OPA 90, HAZMAT, etc. which are validated by shipping companies.


Facilities we have:-


SMA is situated at the heart of beautiful Panvel city which is in spite of having its natural blue mountains and long green patches is very developed and at par with rest of the suburbs of Mumbai. This training centre has state of the art training facilities, fully air conditioned classrooms, free lunch, and very close to Panvel Bus Depot & Railway Station. All the courses have got handouts, PPT presentations followed by assessments. Few courses like ECDIS, BTM, and Large Ship handling Courses are aided with TRANSAS NTpro 4000 and IMC Simulators.

Our Bridge Resource Management (BRM) course & Engine Resource Management (ERM) Course are designed and approved by Swedish Club which includes various modules and followed by assessment and case studies.

Our institute is centrally located and is situated in the side of old Mumbai Pune Highway near Panvel bus depot. Hotels are there with much lesser price compare to other parts of Mumbai and are situated in a walking distance from our Institute.

We have a beautiful guest house with all facilities close to our Academy.


Our Vision:-


To make SMA a top class training institute with all facilities to impart quality maritime training of high standards.


Our Mission:-


Quality Maritime Training is our Motto. We are imparting quality maritime training with a mission to make India and Indian seafarers as the global hub of ship-management. Without quality maritime training, this is not at all possible. India is a hub for manning of seafarers and to keep the quality of Indian seafarers higher above the other nationalities like Chinese, East Europeans, and Filipinos, we need continuous upgradation of Indian seafarers to keep their benchmark higher above the rest. We provide quality training for seafarers to make them competent to run ships in safe manner.


Our Specialty:-


Keeping abreast with present day shipping scenario we keep on developing and adding and upgrading the courses that our seafarers and shipping companies may require time to time to tackle adverse situations

With the advent of  Gulf of Aden Piracy, Criminalization of  seafarers we have developed 1 day course for preparations while transiting Gulf of Aden, Somalia piracy area and  to make Indian seafarers equipped for any legal battle in case they get struck like M.T. Hebei Spirit, M.T. TOSA etc. A 5 day course is planned for making the seafarers to understand the legal aspects with respect to undue criminal detention of seafarer by port state.

For oil major inspection like SIRE, CDI ECDIS, BTM, Risk Assessment, Accident Investigation, Safety officer and Vetting courses are scheduled.


We are conducting all type of "Type Specific ECDIS Courses like Transas, ToKyo Keiki, Furuno, E Globe, Chart world , Konsberg K- BRIDGE etc , both online (Manufacturer approved ) and offline ( Value added) Courses.


To make a company staff compatible with matrix requirement by oil majors, competency management as well as Tanker Officers Training Standards (TOTS) are developed by our Academy.As per requirement Annex VI Marpol & ISM code amendments and the Administration in India , from 1st July ,2010, we have developed two courses , Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emission Familiarization Course and Risk Assessment Course, which is making our seafarers to quantify Risk and follow the safety standards not only safeguarding themselves from occupational hazards but also the ship, cargo and our environment making it risk free.

Without training for ratings, a training institute will not be complete. So we provide Safety, Security, Watch-keeping, Maritime English, Emergency Preparedness, Pollution Prevention etc which are all of 1 day duration course. These courses are designed to make the rating more competent for their day to day routine at sea.

We have also developed our capability in vessel operation and safety aspects of oil tanker, chemical, LPG, LNG, Very large Ore Carrier (VLOC), Bulk carrier, PCC, Self Un-loader, Container etc.

Masters and Chief Engineers need to polish and develop their man management skills when they take up assignments of Marine Superintendents, Technical Superintendents & Training Superintendents, and Auditor Superintendents etc. We have developed a Superintendent's Training program to make them prepare to take up challenges as required by Technical, Marine, and Training & Auditor Superintendent of a ship.


 Swayam  Maritime Academy

Shop No. 9, 10 & 11, Vedanta CHS,
 Opposite Godrej Sky Garden Complex, Takka, Panvel -410206
Tel : - 022 27450109  Tel : - 022 27451318    Mob :09768770865  Mob - 9867413035 
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